Welcome Home

Welcome, Priestess.

We are the Magdalenes and we come from rich experiences through time, this life and many before this. We have been the keepers of the mysteries. If you are remembering, Goddess, this is your sanctuary too.

Temple of the Magdalenes is a place where we hold space and heal ourselves, each other, our animals, the planet, and the dimensions beyond. Where we channel and find our Truth from within. Where we expand from the Heart. Where we gather in like-minded Light.

We are here to bring our missions forward, and to help each other remember the mysteries that have been veiled, to reinterpret misrepresentation and actively choose the timeline we empower.

Welcome, Goddess Priestess, to the Circle of the Quantum Rose.

Quantum Rose Oracle

Quantum Rose Oracle

The year-long Quantum Rose Oracle program helps you create your channeling practice and deepen your connection with The Magdalenes. It opens you to further master your mediumship channels and Light Language abilities, receive messages and guidance from your own guides, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, galactic family, and your higher-self, your most important guide.

I hope you will join us in holding space as a group, supporting each other in the journey, and strengthening and honing your mediumship awareness! The more you do it, the stronger it gets, the more you align to your center and to Source, the more seamless the connection. 🌹

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