Last night at our Full Moon Magdalene Watchtowers gathering we talked about portals and this leap year creating portals, not just for February, but for the whole year. Moments of transition, times to bring healing in from all parts of the Universe, bringing parts yourself back to your present-time timeline. Let the portals work for you. Step through thresholds and walk through doors, open to receive and align with new opportunities.

The Magdalenes speak through our cards today with messages about being aware of what we say to ourselves. What we say to ourselves become our subconscious beliefs. Or our subconscious beliefs are surfacing when we can become aware of what we’re speaking to ourselves as Truth. Changing thought patterns changes your energy and is distinctly connected to what you’re attracting magnetically. It’s a magnetic time. Throw your tether out into that thing that is already in your field. That thing you want in your environment and resonate with it. Say the things that match that frequency.

There is a dramatic change that perhaps you weren’t expecting in the air. It could be a realization of self and a self-change. There is a spontaneous healing, recognition that there is more to the story, and the whole lineage is cleared with this healing that happens within your crystalline grid. Ancestors, future parts of self, and Divine feminine wisdom come together to bring you back to journey anew. There is fire energy, inspiration from something that was once wounding. Celebrations of love and victory and connecting with these events and success energy brings even more.

Having reverence for the dream, for this life, for what you’ve done in this life already. Moving through the experiences is exactly right, you’re already doing what you’re here to do, your purpose, to exude the energy that you are channeling. We connect more with this purpose when we’re doing something the personality-self can connect with, something that feels connected with the Universe. Something you love. There is more to this story.

It is time to make a decision to follow the lit path. You may be creating your own way. Summer is on the other side. Looking at the magic instead of looking through the gauze of fear. Considering love the center of creation. Reaching beyond this timeline and seeing quantumly. Trust the tapestry of you. All rivers lead to the sea of Spirit.

It has been an honor these past 50 days to receive these messages and record them. Thank you, Magdalenes. Thank you Transformational Space-Setting Goddesses! Om Mani Padme Hum

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Happy Full Moon in Virgo! This energy brings forward intellectual adaptability and being able to problem-solve with grace and flexible communication. This Virgo Full Moon energy supports connection and different learning styles within a group. It also brings momentum to physical healing and body conditioning. If you’ve felt under the weather or like you haven’t been tapping into your True alignment, this moon can help you click that into your present-time timeline.

The cards that are flowing into the full moon energy show themes of knowing Self enough to not make the same mistake twice! Especially if there was a public consequence involved. There has been great healing enmeshed in this process of wisdom cultivation.

A clearing, a cleansing, perhaps an ego death. There is an air of recognition when it comes to knowing your own strength and when it’s time to take Self out of a thought pattern or stream of consciousness versus when it’s time to rattle the restless. “You gotta know when to holde’em. Know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.”

If you’re asked to come back to an old cycle or way of doing something, this requires evaluation before jumping into that undertow. There’s a self-inquiry: Do I need to prove it? Do I really need to test myself again? The answer is probably not. You already acquired those answers, perhaps some time ago. You may be looking for wisdom that is already there. You haven’t missed anything.

Self-inquiry for this Full Virgo Moon: What is illuminated? What wants to be released? What needs to be changed? What needs to be adapted? What do I need to be more flexible about? What do I need to communicate?

We have the Mermaid Soul today. She is able to live in two different worlds at the same time. This is being multidimensional and having the ability to channel and receive from both places. What inspiration wants to creatively channel through you? There is a portal and conduit through water. Make moon water, ask the moon for illumination of what wants to be seen if there are vexing questions. She is happy to shine a light.

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Soul Star Real Talk

When light shines on family involvement concerning worth. Family dynamics and your role in those dynamics, your label. Protection and brining neutrality to triggers around who others told you to be or demanded that you were already. The identity others gave you to suit the dysfunctional family dynamic.

This life, this present-time moment, is an opportunity to er witness to this evolution. The cycle of remembering who your True identity is versus the identity caretakers and dysfunctional family dynamics Pidgeon-holed you to be. Confronting and releasing those energies who misinformed you about your strengths to keep you from becoming a threat to their weak hearts and characters.

The Star is shining bright in the middle, the star that is you, your Soul Star. The Divine Light of Source within your center. When you find the courage to love Self, to connect with the Source within you, Divinity Reigns. You step into your True alignment. All the obstacles were a way to get you to see.

Perseverance and inner creative energy keep complacency from weighing down the will to see through this illusion. Awareness of everyone being on their own path to enlightenment, to the Sea of Source. We assist each other out of the weeds, sometimes by showing them to each other. Our vessels are the alchemy temples. Your body is an altar. There is an element of connecting with simultaneous lives, with timelessness. Being able to reach far below into inner earth dimensions, and way far out into galaxies and solar systems. Journeying into no time – no space to heal and become aware of the Oneness of the Universe you are part of.

Becoming aware of your strength. Recognizing responsibility to Self. Tending the vulnerable parts of Self. Excavating and nurturing strengths you didn’t know you had. Illumination of these parts of Self in full moon energy. Healing when acknowledging the sacred part of Self.

Removing the docking station from the heart space where you have allowed others to park their punching bag.
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Trigonic Quartz harmonizes soul codes. It reminds us that we are here with purpose and to birth our soul fully in present-time. We are physical and Spirit at the same time. Channeling Spirit into the physical, channeling creative energy into the world. Aligning with your True integrity is about what you are here to do, not what others expect you to do, or want you to do, or try to control you to do. This is a sovereign mission where we magnetize our soul family who are also sovereign beings with like-mind.

Being on the other side of guilt and shame. Understanding others’ on their own journey and in their own divine right timeline. Healing duality. Coming into alignment with what drives you and what your true motivations are that spark the light of consciousness within you. Contemplation of our journey so far.

The evolved Magician is here as Temperance. Temperance has found the gem. She knows where the Soul Star originates, Source, and she embodies this in all that she is part of. The temple shines from within, we bring it to the world, we shine it out into the Universe. Today is about recognizing True soul power. Divine instinct. And awareness of Self in the Universal connection. Stepping into knowingness of right timing and Self.

The Center of Head Space and the Tiny Space in the Sacred Space of the Heart are always connected. The Mind’s Eye and the Heart’s Eye. Seeing with the Heart. Your Heart is a portal, and you can see from and lead from this space always. This doesn’t always look like peaches and flowers. We have to make decisions that vex others sometimes. Alignment with Self in decision-making is ultimately the lit path. Honesty with Self when determining the next steps. Being in the present moment. There is a decision that can be life-altering. Sitting within the liminal space, the next of time, and evaluating true cause and effect.

Passion for the quest. Appreciation and gratitude for this seemingly magickal ability to exude life force from the star of you. Being one with nature. Being in flow with the Universe. Connecting with the Spirit of the Stars.

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Presence-Activated Antennae

What if you led with intuition? What if that is what stepped forward from you before anything else? The moment you become present to your surroundings, your body, your feelings, your intention, that is the moment you are in your most powerful healing space.

There is a strong message of light consciousness activating. It may feel like anger or intensity, but it’s just the red flag to get your attention. What happens when you become conscious of exactly who you are and what you want? Magnetic energy channels through with purpose lighting up so that all your tribe can see the rays and answer the beacon.

Today’s energy is about shining True Self and channeling psychic energy to illuminate for others to witness. Divine Feminine Wisdom and Priestess consciousness pours out to heal the House of You. And she’s not messin’ around. Seize inspiration and direct it to fully be present and to own your space.

Whatever it is that you’re creating, the layers of the rose are opening divinely to clear the way through the portal. Pulling back the veil, dissipating the mist. What you want wants you—Esther Hicks. You are in strong magnetizing Goddess energy, be aware of what you’re attracting, collecting, channeling.

You are abundantly surrounded by angels, guides, and astral soul tribe. Ask them for assistance. When you cut out fear, your emotions guide you clearly easily, and effortlessly. There is a metamorphosis happening, a quickening, a transformation. You are becoming present and that is activating psychic awareness. At the same time, psychic awareness is activating bringing you into presence. It is like walking through a portal or hitting an energetic bookmark in the timeline.

Let Self vibrate with time wisdom and light consciousness. Let it move through your cells. Witness the calling and be the beacon at the same time. What if you were whole and all was at once? Healing Duality. Being in the stream of consciousness that is undivided. Connected to the Web of Oneness.

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Light in the Shadow

Something is not yet present, but it exists. Moving forward to find the rest. Expecting greater things. What were you taught to hide in the shadow? What ultimately held you back from your light until you realized there was a different way to see this part of Self? Too sensitive = I am intuitive. Too Bougie = I deserve nice things. Too particular = I have standards. Too disagreeable = I have boundaries. Too bossy = I am a leader
The wisdom that comes from what we’ve placed in the shadow is Gold. It’s treasure. We can ground into that light in the darkness and bring it to our consciousness and use it to create wholeness. You are your best friend. You can be your own support system. We have the answers within us, and now it’s time to bring them out.

What Light Codes are ready to be activated and channeled out into the world, the Earth Grid? We are working with the grids to raise the frequency of the planet and the timelines. We are in a place to harvest immense Light and wisdom. Calling in those who are working to unite this Light, Ancestors, Light beings, and those who are ready to open to this Light. Opening the psychic channels. Waking from hypnotic slumber. Not to find what was hidden as much as to find out what the resistance was in the first place.

Microcosmic Orbit, how we are connected to the Universe. Connecting with the moon phases. Noticing the ebb and flow of emotions and how life, time, and intentions cycle. The never-ending loop of life, awareness, time, and life again. What do we keep circling back around to see or do? Notice your patterns and themes, this is how be become aware of our soul lessons. What are you here to teach? What wisdom are you here to become an expert at and exude into the Universe? Into the world?

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Shine Your Wisdom

Exuding our light is part of how we use our gifts and what we journeyed here to do in this life. Today is about pulling back all the bits of soul we’ve left in other places, in other lives, in other timelines, reclaiming power, and healing. This is a decision, and one that you make for Self. It’s a declaration to Self to integrate the wounds, the shadows, and to become your safe Home, bringing Light consciousness to any hidden parts and old wounds, illuminating perfect love and perfect trust. Declaring Complete Self-trust, Self-love, and Sovereignty.

Today the Healing energy that is unique to you is calling for consciousness. Rays of Light from the Central Galactic Sun and the Star we see as our Sun are always sending us Light Codes. We’re like plants—the suns beam rays of light and Light Codes to us, we take them in, integrate them, and channel them out into our environment. Our Light is needed at this time. We have come with purpose, and the Universe is reminding us, it is time to use our gifts.

Our own essence energy, the energy we showered to us from Source, runs through the energetic channels in the body. We heal with this essence and we offer this energy out into the world, whether we are conscious of this process and purpose or not. It is truly self-empowering when we do become conscious of this part of our being. And it is now time to bring that channel to the forefront of knowingness.

Moving into a different way of being with your Soul. Loving and living fearlessly. Magnetizing your Soul Pod. Community of Lightworkers.

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Exuding Triumph

There is a distinct moving-on today. We have the mobius and the waxing Gibbous and the Waxing Crescent leading us to our next journey, phase, and bringing us out of a frozen moment with illumination. From Spring to Fall is important timing that comes up again today. The protector and life-long guide appears with the messages about directing your energy rather than letting be directed by someone or something outside of Self. Taking control of your direction.

Keys are prominent indicating doors we lock, time travel, keys we give others to open those doors or locking doors so that there is not that possibility. Intuitively you may feel someone or a situation lurking that lost its chance. Recognizing your true dynamic rather than taking on belief that has been projected onto you about what your roles are. Getting information psychically and wishful thinking are different things. Assess a situation for what it is, lingering energies need tending and given a container.

Above all, there is nothing you have missed. You’ve gotten all the information to make a decision and come full circle. There is nothing that still needs to be processed. You learned the soul lesson you came for. The Gem is you. The Gem is what you excavated from deep within, what you needed from this moment, and now you can use that illuminated wisdom going forward. Whatever kept you, now propels you.

This is an exciting time to tap into this spark of epiphany for manifesting and channeling Divine Consciousness. There is something bigger than the experience or person or thing you are releasing in this cycle. This energy lifts you up and out and grounds at the same time, giving you purpose and splendor. Finding your connection in the world, why you’ve come, your place in the grand spiral. There is an illumination today that is undeniable. The Truth you seek comes from your own vision of experience. This is your experience.

Something that was once misrepresented is now known fully. Moving toward what matches your values and away from the things that fight your worth. Flowing into supportive dimensions and out of misalignment.

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Inner World

Have you ever had someone say something to dim your joy, take the wind out of your sails, gaslight the success you’re having or otherwise take some kind of happiness away from you? When moments come up like this, it’s not time to wilt, take on this hit or go home. It’s time to go harder. It means you’re doing it right and someone is being triggered by your glow. Their programs and lack are trying to survive in the light. It’s not your job to accommodate their reactions and adjust your glow for them. Our job is to do our own internal excavations.

There is responsibility for Self today. To stand up for yourself and your time, space, how you want to feel and what you want to do. This is a time to surround yourself with people and places that support you, not diminish you. An inventory of what you’re entertaining in your field, your environment, your mind and who you’re allowing.

Turning point in your journey. Between now and the Fall significant growth and understanding. True Love and Light and Wisdom are available. Going forward with internal healing. Alchemy and transmutation of others energy in your space. Being in your own Divine-Right Timeline. Getting to your Zero-Point. Ego Death. The ability to recognize others’ weaknesses with compassion instead of being triggered. Discerning when you need to take responsibility versus deal with someone else’s projection.

Keeping your alignment with what lights your Path. This is your experience. Allowing others to infringe on this is a choice. Peaceful Warrior Light. Taking action with clarity and clear consciousness. Shedding old skin. Acknowledging personal evolution. Grounding into the heart of Self. Honoring Soul Self. Soul lessons around what we project and what others project onto us. Personal Energy Management. Contemplation around being Physical and Spirit at the same time. Your True Home.

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Divinity in Form

Grounding into the collective through the astrals, this is channeling Spirit into physical. What has your most challenging experience illuminated for you? The very act of inquiry can bring forward the hidden gems in the subconscious. The parts of Self that live parallel to our conscious life, parts we don’t always shine light on.
Creating mandalas as a daily practice, daily altars of pieces of Self gathered together can bring our attention to these unseen bits living alongside our awareness. What wants to be seen? There is energy today speaking of the tear once again. And erosion, the breaking down in order to build back up. What wants to be uncovered so that the field, the connection can become strong, wise, and evolve the light-body so that can move you forward?
The Box is a creative tool used to show us what is kept in the lines and what is outside of our reach. When we integrate this thinking, we can use this tool to see where our limitations hold us and where we are free, how we can be both, using parameters for our space-holding and our freedom for our connection with Spirit.
Digging deep today, grounding into the soft soil, seeing what keeps the nourishing cycle going: Self-contemplation. Where is fear freezing progress? Balancing and pinpointing where we spiral, where we close off and invite escape, these are key patterns that are doors to possibility if we’re willing to use the key. Creating practices for ourselves initiates rituals, putting action to reverence. When we do this, we create thought forms that become powerful healing and manifesting energy that we have access to tap into at any time. We are powerful creators, space-holders, and vessels of Universal consciousness.
Having reverence for Self. Illuminating the shadow. Healing with ever-present Ancestral guidance. Identifying your truest illuminators and having gratitude for the catapult rather than regret. You are Free.
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